Thursday, October 12, 2006

Paying is (not) an option!

(How would you feel about something like the following?)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The new "Capital of France" version of this Letter is here and it's free

This is the all new version of the Letter I wrote some time ago. This new version, rev. 11hR3 (codenamed "Capital of France") has been completely rewritten. The previous version was sold bundled together with some other letters under the name "Letter Suite". This new version of the Letter is FREE. However, please note that some of the words used are specially licensed (as part of one or more speciel add-on options to the core) and must not be read without paying a license fee (in fact some of the words in the sentence you are currently reading may or may not be read without paying) – so please read the license documentation carefully (in fact you should read it before reading this, because some of these words could in fact be in the group of words that you must not read without paying).

If by now you have read all of the above, please send payment to me (Larry(I'll make you pay for something)-wannabe) for the words that were read that were not free (as outlined in the Licensing Information)…

(Inspired by OWB options, see Database Licensing Information 10g Release 2 (10.2))